Winter Horse Care – Tips for preventing Thrush

As many horse owners will know the wet and muddy conditions in Winter can lead to some pretty horrible problems for horses hooves. Today we’re talking Thrush.

Thrush is caused by an organism called, Spherophorus neaophorus, which eats away at the tissues of the frog leaving a foul smelling, black discharge. Early stage Thrush doesn’t cause lameness and is really only superficial, but if it isn’t treated and is allowed to develop it can advance into sensitive tissues and internal structures of the foot, such as the digital cushion, hoof wall, and heel bulb. This can cause lameness.

Treating Thrush

1. Wrap a wisp of loose cotton tightly around the end of a hoof pick to make a swab.

2. Soak the cotton in a thrush treatment solution. If need help choosing a solution please feel free to contact our equestrian store.

3. Swab down the sides of the frog as if you were picking out the hoof. Gee the treatment into all the cracks, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of pressure

4. Swab the cleft of the frog and any other crevices in its surface. Discard your swab and repeat this process until your swab is no longer picking up black gunge from the hoof.

If you are concerned about Thrush in your horse we stock several Thrush treatments and healthy hoof treatments such as Netex Frog Health, Leovet FrogAde and Keratex Frog Powder.

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