Pupsicle recipes!

Keep your pupper cool this summer with our fab pupsicle recipes!

Frozen Yogurt: You can buy pre-made or simply freeze regular yogurt containers. It’s as good for their digestive tracks as it is for yours. Helps those animals that are especially gassy! (older animals might require less dairy, try mixing half yogurt/half water for those who need a little help)

Frozen Chicken Pops: Place cooked chicken breast, parsley and water into a freezer proof container such as a plastic cup. Freeze. Run cold water around the mold to remove. Delicious and cool!

The Dogsicle: Fill a bucket with chicken or beef stock. *Do make sure that the stock you use isn’t super saturated with salt. You can find low salt stock on the market. Throw in toys, treats and chews such as carrots, peas, treats, peanut butter, tennis balls. Freeze over night. Turn out of the bucket. Hours of entertainment and enjoyment for your dog!

Frozen Egg: Although this one is best eaten outside, toss an egg or two in a blender (including shells) and blend till smooth. Freeze in an ice cube tray (half way full) for easier dispensing. Do not feed more than 1 per day to ensure proper nutrient absorption.

Peanut Popsicle:  Fill the centre of a dog toy such as a Kong with Peanut butter place in a freezer bag (So it doesn’t contaminate your human food) and freeze until set. This one is a particular favourite of my dogs!

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