5 top tricks your kids can teach your dog

Keep your kids entertained this summer by getting them to teach your dog these easy tricks!

*We don’t recommend any children under 7 years old attempt to train a dog without adult supervision.


Walk a few feet away from your dog and call “come.” Add your dog’s name. Project a happy tone and when he comes to you give him a fuss. After repeating this a few times, give him a treat every third time he comes to you. Make sure you always praise him.

Shake Hands

When your dog is sitting, lift your his paw in your hand and say “shake.” When he does this praise him, and give him a treat. Repeat this step several times. Put your hand but don’t take his paw, and say “shake.” When he puts his hand into yours, give him a small treat and a big fuss!


If your child is old enough to walk the family dog on his own, show them how to teach the dog to heel. Put the collar on your dog. Hold the leash close to your side, and say “heel.” Walk slowly and each time your dog stays close to your side continuing saying “heel” and “good dog.”

Hide & Seek the Treat

Get your child hide a treat, and ask your dog to find it. A dog’s sense of smell is between 1,000 and 10 million times more sensitive than ours (depending on the breed) so they shouldn’t have any trouble! Start out by hiding the treat in plain sight. Then hide it further away.

Get the leash

Place your dog’s leash on the floor next to him, and say “take leash.” When he puts it in his mouth, praise him. Then walk toward the door, and say “come.” Repeat several times. Reward him by taking him for a walk.


Photo courtesy of Tee Poole via Flickr, Creative Commons



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