20 grooming tips – get your horse ring ready!

  1. Consider adding vegetable oil or an essential Omega-3 fatty acid supplement to your horse’s well-balanced diet for added shine (consult your vet if you’re unsure).
  2. Invest in quality brushes and keep them clean. You can’t do a thorough job grooming your horse with dirty or dusty brushes. Also, keeping them clean will help them last longer.
  3. Keep different sized sponges for different duties (face, body, dock) and remember which is used for each task.
  4. Curry your horse every day. The more you curry, the more you bring the oils in the skin to the surface. When it comes to currying, there is no substitute for good old-fashioned elbow grease.
  5. Hoof picks are inexpensive. Always use a sharp one to remove rocks and debris, and replace the pick when it no longer does the job easily.
  6. Treat your horse’s feet to a lanolin-based hoof conditioner at least once a week to keep his hooves conditioned.
  7. Use a tail bag to keep your horse’s tail thick, long and protected. Make sure to wash, condition, detangle and rebraid once a week, securing the tail bag below the tailbone.
  8. Grooming mitts are great for wiping dust off your horse and for applying fly spray.
  9. Bathe your horse but don’t overdo it—too frequent shampooing may leave the coat lifeless and dull.
  10. For extra shine on special occasions, spritz your horse’s coat with a sheen product.
  11. Use baby powder, corn starch or French chalk on white socks to brighten them.
  12. To help protect against skin infections, regularly disinfect grooming brushes and combs.
  13. To polish his feet, use a wax-based shoe polish. This will protect the hoof from the drying affect of hoof lacquer.
  14. Wipe the inside of your horse’s ears with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  15. Grooming wipes always come in handy.
  16. Keep up with routine grooming chores, such as mane pulling, trimming fetlocks, et cetera. That way you’re not overwhelmed with last minute clean-up before a show.
  17. Colour enhancing shampoos accentuate your horse’s natural tones and bring out the highlights of his coat.
  18. Let sweat and mud dry before attempting to brush it out. Or, hose your horse off.
  19. Using oil specifically designed for your horse’s face, rather than baby oil, will collect less dust at the show.
  20. When you get into the ring – SMILE!
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